So you have a plot, you’ve spent countless hours scouring the internet for character names, you have an outline of, or the body of, or the perfect portrait of your storyline.

How do you start?

This is my question. This week I have written out my storyline, and maybe its not as healthy as it could be (definitely a tad emaciated) but I have it! I have named (almost) all of my characters, yes even the so-minor-only-has-one-line-probably-will-never-utter-more-than-those-two-words-in-the-entire-book characters, I have even attempted to decide on a title. But I haven’t started writing.

The single most important element of any piece of writing, the writing bit, and I haven’t even started. I have 0 idea how to start. I know my backstory, its an important backstory, but do I intro with the backstory? Seems like a bold choice but I’ve spent too long working on it not to include it somewhere. Do I do a Prologue? Who doesn’t like a good prologue? Lots of people, that’s the answer, lots of people dislike prologues on principal, so if I do one (let alone do one badly) then I need to be prepared for people to dislike that element of the novel. Maybe I should just jump straight in, plunge opening, but where do I start? What about a descriptive opening, scene setting, maybe some pathetic fallacy? Too boring? Too safe? Too daring? Too bold?

I can’t win.

Turns out the writing bit is maybe my least favourite part of writing a novel, but hey, I’ll get there eventually.

What’s your favourite opening style? Or least favourite?

Feel free to drop me a line.

Happy writing,

E. Bonner




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